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Dr Le-Tran felt like a partner in my care, who kept me informed, shared her thinking, and supported me to make the decisions that were right for me. I currently have no evidence of disease, and I drive to Dublin from Oakland to keep seeing Dr Le-Tran for follow up care, because she's the best!

– Sara

Our brother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and only a month later he started chemotherapy. As you would imagine, it was a scary journey for him, but with the amazing, caring, and professional crew at Epic Care he realized he was not alone. He received chemo 3 times a month, and by his second treatment, he actually enjoyed going to chemo! The Epic Care team is a Godsend. Special shout out to Diana and the crew. I will never forget how much care you all took care of our brother. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

– Carmen

Going through this is not easy, add the threat of COVID-19, and I have been especially limited to what I can do. The entire Epic Care team is made up of wonderful people that I looked forward to spending time with. Albeit brief interactions, each visit was such a pleasure. I felt safe, welcomed, and knew they were taking every extra step to keep me and the other patients safe.

– Gary

If you have to join the fight against cancer, be glad you can do it with Epic Care by your side. I can confidently say these doctors saved my life.

– Gina

After a terminal diagnosis, I made a conscious decision not to waste time feeling sorry for myself – it’s a waste. At 74 years old, I’ve lived a wonderful life, one of integrity with zero guilt, a strong and loving marriage filled with love and laughter, a successful business and career, and I did it all surrounded by extraordinary friends who love and support me. I’ve lived a life fulfilled. I choose to keep that as my focus each day. in about a month, I’ll have another MRI at Epic Care in Pleasant Hill, and regardless of that prognosis or timeline, I know I’ve been in the best of hands and I’ll continue on as I have."

– Dede