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Julia C., Antioch

I have had the greatest care at this facility. From the front desk, doctors and others. They treated me as a human being, not a specimen. I love this facility and everyone there. I was recommended by a doctor from the UCSF Cancer Center because I live in Antioch and it would be more convenient for my treatments. I am so happy here. I have other friends that are treated here and they are all extremely happy and would not go anywhere else. My hat’s off to this facility and the doctor who referred me here. They saved my life. I would recommend this facility to anyone with cancer.

Jennifer L., Antioch

The doctors and staff are all amazing and as much as we don’t want to have cancer this place makes me feel cared for and loved. I have been recommending this place to anybody who would hear it. You all rock!!! Thank you.

Jennifer L., Antioch

My good friend is in treatment for cancer. I go with her to chemo. I’ve noticed how caring the staff is here. I appreciate how the staff here is able to be upbeat considering that the patients are diagnosed with cancer. Keep up the good work. Everyone who comes here appreciates how compassionate the staff is here.

Sara M., Antioch

The lab assistant is an excellent phlebotomist! She’s gentle, not a stabber or digger. She’s excellent for difficult veins. She makes easier, less painful, also she is kind and helpful, and definitely an asset to whomever she serves.

Sharon L., Antioch

A very positive outlook on my rectal cancerous tumor, Dr. Choi explained all test results and treatment path perfectly. I am very glad we are working together in my path to recovery. I just want to be strong and healthy again so I can get back to my busy life and help my old parents and husband again. I feel your staff will help me get better. Thanks again!

I believe the whole staff should get a pat on the back for being so nice and getting to the facts of my case so I can beat this cancer. Dr. Choi seems to care very much about getting me better. Thank you all for believing me that I am really not well and am frantic to get the answers and treatment for the right disease!

Anonymous, Antioch

Please be advised of the outstanding care with which the lab assistant has treated me during my numerous visits to the lab. Her friendly and patient manner whether giving an injection, drawing blood, or keeping me informed of my various upcoming appointments is an exceptional member of your lab staff. Her technique in administering the injections is PAIN FREE – what more could a patient ask for?

Rory M., Antioch

You all made the MOST difficult time in my life as good as it could be. The lab assistants, nurses, radiation department, Donna, Dr. Ganey, Dr. Ally – everyone has helped make this journey as pleasant and welcoming as possible. Even the billing department has helped me in all the compassion you have shown. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The loss of my husband, much less cancer, was more than I could endure. Thank you

Kim J., Antioch

From start to finish everyone was friendly, professional and a joy to work with. The atmosphere and attitude was always so positive and upbeat!! In just a few days I felt like we really got to know each other! Everyone was so wonderful and supportive and they really helped make a “not so good” experience to be “not so bad!”

The radiation therapists went above and beyond every time I saw her! She is the best!! The other radiation therapists were always very gentle and kind. Dr. Ally you are to be commended for the wonderful staff you have working for you!! Thank you!!