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Sara S., Dublin

Dr Le-Tran felt like a partner in my care, who kept me informed, shared her thinking, and supported me to make the decisions that were right for me. I currently have no evidence of disease, and I drive to Dublin from Oakland to keep seeing Dr Le-Tran for follow up care, because she’s the best!

Diane M., Dublin

Everyone I encountered made this as pleasant an experience as dealing with cancer can be.

Ruben H., Dublin

I am pleased with the procedure. Technicians are very competent and took very good care of me. Thanks to the radiation therapist. Dr. Prasad prepared me well with thorough information prior to the process and thoroughly answered my questions, as needed especially the major concerns regarding possible complications or side effects. Information on your website is also very helpful and enabled me to have more confidence on my decision to use this procedure instead of surgery.

Men H., Dublin

Epic Care is the best place that provides excellent health care services for me. I feel safe and trust the Epic Care team. They always answer my questions appropriately and in a timely manner. They listen to my concerns, provide emotional support and offer cultural care. They treat me as a whole. Overall, I had a great experience from Epic Care. I would like to continue to obtain my medical care and introduce to my friends and family to the holistic care.

John H., Dublin

Though being diagnosed with cancer my treatment by Epic Care has been very pleasant indeed. If I ever need cancer care needs in the future I will use your practice, thanks.

Rose G., Dublin

Very caring atmosphere and terrific, very professional staff! Thank you to the radiation medical assistant and my entire radiology team including Dr. Prasad. Thank you!

Anonymous, Dublin

I have had an extremely positive experience at Epic with the whole staff. Very personalized, everyone was very competent and supportive. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this oncology office to others.

Maria M., Dublin

My experience with Epic Care has been wonderful; all personnel were kind, caring and patient. Everything was well explained at each step. I am very satisfied in every way. Everyone was wonderful.

Jay M., Dublin

Everyone made it so easy and quick to get my treatments. They bent over backwards to answer all my questions with as much detail as I was able to understand. Doctors seemed very understanding and even though I saw another doctor on one occasion, he understood where I was in the treatment plan and was very helpful in getting me settled with my symptoms. The office staff was very helpful in understanding what steps were going to take place in what order. The nursing staff continually went above and beyond an.

Susan W., Dublin

Everyone was wonderful, warm, caring, friendly yet efficient. I really believe you have an exceptional group.

Marsha F., Dublin

Everybody who was involved in my treatment was caring and pleasant. I was very pleased with my care at Epic.