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Erin D., Pleasant Hill

Everyone was very friendly and kind and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable during my treatment.

Anonymous, Pleasant Hill

Could not have been a more serene, relaxed, friendly, caring place. All the staff was exceptional!

Margaret J., Pleasant Hill

I was thrilled after the first meeting with Dr. Ally. She had taken the time to understand before I got here my history and it is long and complicated. Then she instilled confidence in deciding radiation was the thing to do. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Dale G. , Pleasant Hill

Fantastic, everybody was very polite, caring and very skilled at their jobs. I would recommend Epic Care to everyone. They were truly Epic.

Anonymous, Pleasant Hill

Outstanding from the start. Techs talked me through procedures. Very supportive. Dr. Chao and staff were excellent. Made me feel I could overcome this. Thank you!

Michelle G., Pleasant Hill

The staff was very helpful and cheerful which means a lot when you are undergoing medical treatment. All the staff is great. They all enjoy helping people and it showed in their treatment towards the patients.

William V., Pleasant Hill

My experience was “Epic.” Everyone at Epic is kind, understanding helpful and professional.

Ramon L., Pleasant Hill

I was a scared, reluctant patient on my first visit for my radiation therapy. There were 5 weeks of treatment ahead of me. The staff ay Epic Care was caring and respectful. Their professional manner instilled within me the confidence I needed to complete my therapy with a greatly reduced anxiety level! Outstanding care while treating me with patience and dignity!

Christine G., Pleasant Hill

Excellent – diagnosed with ovarian cancer 7/08. I started treatment 9/08. Chemo is not a fun thing to go through, but the staff made it so. Everyone was so upbeat and positive – always happy. When I was out in the chairs we were always talking and laughing and when I was in the room, people always came in and sat and talked with me. All of you made it a happy place.

Laurel L., Pleasant Hill

It was a very good, caring and comforting experience. All the staff was great to me (understanding, good listeners, and patient with me). The nurses are very professional, but human at the same time. Very prompt on any problems, questions, meds, etc. Thank you!

Lana G., Pleasant Hill

I have been satisfied with Epic Care from Day 1. With my chemo ending today and with all the care and attention extended to me during this process, which included radiation as well, I am confident that my recurrence percentages/odds are good and I will be cancer free! I have been ever so impressed with all the staff at Epic Care!

Debbie M., Pleasant Hill

The thought of cancer is one of the most horrific of life’s experiences. The care from everyone here has made this phase so easy! No handshakes, only hugs. You can’t help but feel everyone’s love, care and support! But I can truly say I don’t want to come back!