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Grover G., San Leandro

Epic Care staff is always courteous, friendly, jovial, professional, and treats each patient with the utmost compassion and kindness. Thank you to all the nurses, receptionists, doctors, and staff  for all they did during my appointments at the care center. Epic Care truly provides exceptional care, and is now, my family.

Joni C., San Leandro

Everyone from the front desk to nurses and doctors are all fantastic.

Lisa T., San Leandro

From the initial visit, both the doctor and especially the nursing staff have been very friendly, supportive and caring. Their understanding and professionalism while working day in and day out around such a horrible disease as cancer is amazing and I can’t express how much it’s been appreciated.

Anonymous, San Leandro

Everyone at Epic Care is wonderful, warm, kind and caring. There is a genuine feeling of concern for your wellbeing. I look forward to coming for treatments because I know I will be taken care of and they are making me better. They have made me better both physically and emotionally.

Nancy A., San Leandro

Over the past six years I’ve been cared for by Epic Care and they have been very helpful and very caring. I have nothing but good thoughts and thanks to all.