CARE Corner: Employee Spotlight, Tyler Louie

CARE Corner: Employee Spotlight, Tyler Louie

  • October 18, 2022

Through our CARE Corner spotlight, we’re proud to shine a light on our exceptional team and the work they do.

Congratulations, Tyler, on your 10-year milestone! We’re incredibly grateful for your ten years of service and dedication to Epic Care. We appreciate you and your ability to navigate the Bay Area roads and traffic. Thank you for being an essential connection between our locations.

Tyler Louie is our Pharmacy Courier from our Antioch Care Center. Read on to learn more about him:

Q: What does your job entail?
A: Our courier route requires lots of driving. I stop at most of our Epic Care locations to deliver office mail, specimens, and medications.

Q: What’s the most important thing about your job?
A: The most important thing about the courier route is being organized and having patience on the road.

Q: What do you like most about working at Epic Care?
A: The best part of working at Epic Care is the people I work with. They’re all great!

Q: What’s something you always thought you would do but never have?
A: One thing I’ve always thought about doing but haven’t is going skydiving.

Q: If money was no object, what are the first three things you would buy?
A: A House, a new car, and a motorcycle.

Thank you, Tyler.

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