Recently diagnosed with thyroid, parathyroid or other endocrine organ diseases? Your primary care physician or endocrinologist may refer you to a surgeon for treatment. Our general and specialty surgeons have created this page as a resource for you — our patients — to learn more, see below. To talk with an Epic Care general surgeon for a consult, second opinion or more information.

Your first visit with your surgeon will include a discussion of all your surgical options. We offer expertise in the surgical management of thyroid cancer, including neck dissection with the most current technology involving laryngeal nerve monitoring during surgery.  We also perform minimally invasive parathyroidectomies. If you require surgical intervention for your thyroid/parathyroid disease and you have been referred to our office, you have the advantage of two surgical approaches; the traditional neck incision or a new technique called the Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy (MIT).