Epic Care’s Culture of CARE Excellence Award Winner! – Elizabeth Eicher

Epic Care’s Culture of CARE Excellence Award Winner! – Elizabeth Eicher

  • March 8, 2024

Congratulations, Elizabeth, on winning our Culture of CARE Excellence Award!

Elizabeth Eicher is a Medical Assistant I at our Castro Valley Care Center. She is recognized for building relationships across locations, assisting colleagues and patients regardless of affiliation, and fostering community building. She consistently upholds professionalism, prioritizing teamwork and compassion in her interactions with coworkers and patients. Elizabeth’s efforts uplift office morale and inspire staff participation in activities, contributing to a positive work environment.

Read on to learn more about Elizabeth:

Q: How long have you been with Epic Care?
A: Two years.

Q: What does “We lead with CARE” mean to you?
A: To me it means being available to my coworkers to help and support them, being consistent with my workflows, helping my patients with whatever they may need or questions they may have, and being someone that my patients and coworkers feel comfortable with.

Q: What does your job entail?
A: I’m the medical assistant to Drs. Reddy and Gupta. I also train the other MAs to setup bone marrow procedures, EKGs, and the overall workflow of the clinic, such as the rooming process, checking in patients and checking out patients, referrals, and handling phones.

Q: What’s your favorite way to boost morale in the office?
A: To create spirit week ideas with the other Culture of Care Ambassadors and to have the staff participate in activities. I also like to individually check in with the staff to ensure they are doing alright, as some days can be a little harder than others.

Q: What’s the most interesting place you’ve traveled to and why?
A: I have traveled to Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico. This place is interesting to me because it has a lot of history, and I also consider the Cathedral to be very beautiful.

Q: Share a fun fact about yourself that would surprise us
A: I like to cook and love the ocean.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for leading with CARE and being a shining example of the values, we stand for.

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