How to Prepare


Getting ready for surgery
The success of surgery is frequently determined by how you prepare for surgery and what condition your body is in before surgery. Many complications after surgery can be prevented by modifying risks factors before surgery.

Rehabilitation before surgery
The medical term “prehabilitation” comes from combining “pre” and “rehabilitation.” “Rehabilitation” is what we do after surgery to speed up recovery. “Prehabilitation” is what we do before surgery to speed up recovery.

Great news: Our Commitment!
Like giving an important presentation or running a race, preparation before surgery can ensure success. Many complications after surgery can be prevented by you. Taking an active role in your own care is very important for a fast and smooth recovery. We are serious about prehabilitation. We will work closely with your family doctor and the preop anesthesia clinic to improve your medical condition and overall health before surgery.

Risk Factors You Can Reduce Prior to Surgery

Cigarette smoking and nicotine use in any form will reduce your ability to heal, and increases your risk of complications such as infections, wound separation, heart attacks, pneumonia and stroke. Stop smoking at least four weeks before surgery.

Obesity increases complications. We measure obesity by the BMI (body mass index). A BMI of 30kg/m2 or less is ideal for hernia surgery. A BMI over 35kg/m2 is associated with more complications. If obesity makes surgery too risky to proceed, we will ask you to work with your medical doctor or dietitian to lose weight first. In some circumstances, we can offer weight loss surgery before hernia surgery.

Poorly controlled diabetes is a major reason patients have complications with surgery. If your HgA1C is above 7.5%, surgery should be postponed.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is good for your overall health, but it also helps your body heal faster after surgery. Increase fresh fruits and vegetables, and reduce processed foods and sugary drinks.

Overall health
Major hernia repair surgery is like running a marathon. The success of surgery frequently depends on your physical and mental condition going into surgery. Regular exercise and learning stress-reduction techniques before surgery will reduce your risks of complications.