IORT for Breast Cancer

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Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy (IORT) is the use of radiation therapy in the operating room during a surgical procedure.

IORT for breast cancer is a special type of targeted radiation delivered during the surgery which removes breast cancer (lumpectomy). During the procedure, the surgeon removes the breast cancer and the radiation oncologist works with the breast surgeon to treat the tumor bed. Together, they direct a single dose of radiation to this high-risk area while minimizing radiation to the skin and other nearby healthy tissues.

At Epic Care, Radiation Oncologist Dr. Valery Uhl performs targeted IORT during breast surgery and has access to the IntraBeam machine for delivery of IORT. Breast surgery followed by IORT, is done in the operating room at Summit Medical Center in Oakland.

IORT is usually used alone for the treatment of early-stage breast cancer but, if needed, can be complemented by additional external beam radiation therapy after a patient has healed from surgery.

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