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Mammograms 101: What You Should Know

Thinking about your first mammogram can be scary and nerve-wracking. How much will it hurt? What if the doctors find something? What do I need to bring?

First, you’ll want to remember that mammograms are routine tests that save lives. According to the American Cancer Society, roughly 13% of all women in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime. This year, more than 330,840 women are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer. A mammogram, which takes a picture of the inside of your breast and can detect cancer in its earliest stages, typically takes about 15 minutes.

With some preplanning, a mammogram can be a manageable experience and help bring peace of mind.

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Now Open & Seeing Patients in Livermore!

October 1, 2021

We are excited to announce our newest Epic Care location in Livermore. Another East Bay care center for us to better help serve you, our patient community.

Contact us today for a new patient appointment or visit our locations page to learn more about our new Livermore location or find another that’s right for you.

How Multi-Specialty Care is Best For Patients

How many times have you gone to a doctor’s appointment and endured a nerve-wracking medical examination only to be referred to another specialist at another clinic on another date? The waiting and not knowing can be incredibly stressful, not to mention the hassle of having to schedule yet another appointment that will take time out of your busy life.

Now imagine going to a clinic or community healthcare practice where a team of specialists communicates and collaborates with you and each other to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. Instead of being shuffled around to various physicians, you can work closely with one team in one convenient place to identify your needs and develop a personalized care plan.

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Welcome Dr. Shelly Gupta to the Epic Care Team!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Shelly Gupta to the Epic Care Team!

Dr. Gupta specializes in Medical Oncology & Hematology and will serve our growing patient community in Castro Valley and Dublin. To learn more about Dr. Gupta click here.

Increasing Our Patients’ Accessibility with a New Payment Portal Resource

Since our inception, Epic Care has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our patients in Northern California’s East Bay Area. We provide a high-quality care experience while giving patients, and their families, the tools to stay connected during the entire treatment process.

As part of this mission, we are excited to launch the Epic Care Patient Payment Portal. This platform offers a new, easier, and secure way for our patients to pay their bills online. In addition to this convenient service, Epic Care offers other unique support, such as access to online resources and a dedicated patient advocate team.

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Caring for Families is at the Forefront for Dr. LeAnn Blankenship

LeAnn Blankenship’s life course was altered when she was 15.

It was then that her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and Dr. Blankenship saw how the doctors cared for her mom while displaying compassion and honor through her treatments. She grew close to the oncologist, and her interest turned to the science of cancer. Her mother’s oncologist agreed to let her shadow him while in high school to learn more about the job and how doctors work with patients.

Dr. Blankenship’s mother didn’t survive her cancer, but working with her mentor doctor, Dr. Blankenship learned that not all cases are the same.

“She passed away at a young age, so I’ve kept her memory with me throughout this whole journey,” Dr. Blankenship says. “It’s really helped guide me and helped shape who I am today.”

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Fall Charity Events Feature Something for Everyone

When it comes to dedicating your time and money to charities, your efforts follow your heart. You might buy boxes of cookies to support young entrepreneurs or volunteer to create a walk-in honor of a loved one.

We at Epic Care are selective in our devotion, too. This fall, we have lent our support to events that educate, raise awareness, and allow participants to have fun while keeping our core values. These events bring awareness and raise money to support education and research for different cancers while helping patients and their families.

Fill your September with options including forming a team to enjoy a day golfing or working in solidarity at a walk. You can sit with your family for virtual entertainment. Or you can learn more about the importance of cancer screenings and a community discussion.

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Welcome Dr. Swati Andhavarapu to the Epic Care Team!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Swati Andhavarapu to the Epic Care Team!

Dr. Andhavarapu specializes in Medical Oncology & Hematology and will serve our growing patient community in Dublin and San Ramon. To learn more about Dr. Andhavarapu click here.

Compassion in the face of cancer: Epic Care oncology nurse teaches hope from a patient’s perspective

As both a caregiver and a patient, Diana Longacre saw firsthand the positive impact oncology nurses could make during a battle with cancer. And for nearly three decades, she has delivered that same exceptional quality of care to her own patients.

The longtime registered nurse, who joined Epic Care in 2018, entered nursing school as a young mom and began her career with stints as a unit assistant and med-surg nurse. Eventually, she found her calling in oncology — a move inspired partly by her father’s lung cancer diagnosis.

“I found that some of the most compassionate nurses I’ve ever met in my life were oncology nurses,” Longacre recalls. “And they were very knowledgeable, and their strength was just phenomenal with patient care.”

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The Case for Cancer Screenings Event – Saturday, October 23

Join Epic Care Drs. Elaine Lee, Irene Lo, and Michael Min Yan in partnership with Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Asian Health Services, and the American Cancer Society for an informational event about breast health and the importance of cancer screenings. With the double impact of COVID-19 and anti-Asian violence affecting Oakland Chinatown neighborhoods, more residents are delaying critical screening appointments out of fear of leaving the safety of their homes and visiting healthcare providers. Experts from Epic Care, Asian Health Services, and the American Cancer Society will discuss the importance of regular cancer screenings and answer any questions you may have about cancer screening. This event will be held in-person at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center but may switch to a virtual format if necessary. It will be presented in English with Cantonese translation. To RSVP please visit

Click here to view The Case for Cancer Screenings event flyer and click here to view in Chinese.

Sign in, sit back and relax: Your telehealth visit will begin soon

For many patients, access and availability have long been two of the biggest challenges with the American health care system. But now, thanks to telehealth programs like Epic Care’s, you’re just a few clicks away from top-notch medical care.

Epic Care continues to stand at the forefront of this convenient modern offering, which landed in the spotlight in 2020 as more people turned to it for care during the coronavirus pandemic.

In telehealth, medical professionals use technology – specifically, electronic and telecommunications devices – to treat patients and offer other health care services from a distance. Doctors can send and receive messages to patients through telehealth platforms, but one of the most prominent aspects of telehealth is telemedicine. In telemedicine, a care provider uses technology, usually a live video call, to meet with a patient for a virtual visit.

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Welcome Drs. LeAnn Blankenship & Daniel Kaplan to the Epic Care Team!

Please join us in welcoming two new expert physicians to Epic Care!

Dr. LeAnn Blankenship specializes in Medical Oncology & Hematology and will serve our growing patient community in Pleasant Hill and Emeryville. Dr. Daniel Kaplan, specializes in Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism and will serve patients at our San Leandro practice location.

To read more about Dr. Blankenship click here and for Dr. Kaplan click here.