Our surgeons are going farther, so you don’t have to!

With a growing network of highly qualified multi-specialty providers, Epic Care brings Fellowship Trained Breast Surgeon Dr. Elaine Lee and General Surgeon Dr. Anthony Chan to new locations, including Oakland Chinatown, Emeryville, San Leandro, and Dublin. From innovative robotic surgery to compassionate breast health support and intervention, call Epic Care today for expert physicians close to home.

CyberKnife: cutting-edge cancer treatment without the cutting

The only CyberKnife S7 system in the East Bay is available and treating patients at our Walnut Creek Care Center . The CyberKnife offers certified Epic Care Radiation Oncologist’s to treat cancer and non-cancerous conditions in five brief sessions or less. CyberKnife benefits include a non-invasive and pain free treatment, no post treatment downtime, and extreme precision and accuracy that minimizes damage to healthy tissue while still effectively treating the tumor. With the ability to treat a broad range of tumors, patients are able to naturally breathe during the procedure and avoid surgery related risks such as infection or complications from anesthesia. To learn more about CyberKnife s7, click the image above or visit epiccarecyberknife.com to contact us today!

Epic treatment: the value of a community care center

There is nothing more troubling than getting a diagnosis and not knowing what comes next. The waiting for the next appointment, the uncertainty of how a doctor will treat you, wondering whether a procedure is necessary, worrying how serious the condition might be. It can be daunting and, at times, truly terrifying. 
Click the image above to learn more about why our patients are choosing an Epic Care physician first and what the #epcicaredifference really means to you!

COVID-19 FAQ for Epic Care Patients

Dear Epic Care Patients,

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shared and consistently demonstrated our commitment to safety. Despite enormous progress over the past year, the risk of COVID-19 remains, especially for our immunocompromised patients. To minimize exposure and the spread of COVID-19 the best defense against the COVID-19 virus remains vaccination. If you have questions, please review this FAQ provided by our team of Epic Care Physicians or visit the CDC website for more. We thank you for your continued trust and support.

We are here when you need us!

How One Breast Cancer Survivor is Helping Others Heal Through Adventure

Like so many others, Lauren Huffmaster was devastated when she heard that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer. It didn’t take long, however, for her to see purpose through the pain, an opportunity to fulfil a lifelong aspiration of running her own nonprofit organization. Huffmaster decided to use her experience fighting breast cancer to guide others through their journey with the disease.

The breast cancer survivor and Epic Care patient is the force behind the Adventure Therapy Foundation, which gives families touched by cancer the chance to enjoy an outdoor experience together and find emotional release – “to step beyond the confines of their comfort zone and experience the freedom and healing that can take place within the vastness of the outdoors.”

Click the image above to read more about Lauren’s powerful story and how she’s helping others heal through the Adventure Therapy Foundation.

Breast Cancer and the Importance of Breast Care Specialists

In the United States, approximately 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. This year alone, an estimated 282,000 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed. You probably know someone who has had breast cancer or perhaps you have experienced the disease yourself.

As the number of breast cancer patients increases, however, so do the number of people who can beat it. In fact, more than 90 percent of women with breast cancer survive five years after diagnosis.

Women now have more options – and reasons for optimism – than ever before, due to increased awareness and knowledge of breast cancer, improvements in and accessibility of technology, more personalized approaches to treatment, earlier disease detection and better overall care.

Click the image above to read more and learn how Epic Care will ensure you receive the care you need and deserve…

Myeloma Connections: Dinner with the Docs featuring Epic Care Medical Oncologist, Dr. Shoba Kankipati

Join Patient Power on Wednesday, March 24 or Friday, March 26 for a new #multiplemyeloma online event. Our Epic Care expert physician, Dr. Shoba Kankipati partnered with Patient Power to bring you the latest in #myeloma and answer your questions live. To learn more & sign up for this free event, visit patientpower.info/NCA. 

Epic Care Employee Spotlight: Surgery Schedulers, Rosalee D. & Jessica M.

It’s safe to say we love our team! Here are two reasons why; meet surgery schedulers, Rosalee & Jessica. Like many of our team members, both are passionate about providing Epic Care’s surgery patients with compassionate and personalized support to prepare patients for surgery and the recovery process. Here’s more about what makes them a great part of our CARE team:

Q: How long have you worked for Epic Care?
Rosalee: 3.5 years
Jessica: 3 years +

Q: What do you like most about your job?
Rosalee: Helping patients get their much needed surgeries scheduled and working with our amazing doctors!
Jessica: Assisting with patient care.

Q: What is something about you that would surprise people?
Rosalee: I can be extremely shy.
Jessica: The beach is one of my fav places to be 🙂

Q: Describe yourself in three words?
Rosalee: Caring, dependable, and goofy
Jessica: Funny, optimistic, and passionate


Introducing CyberKnife S7 now available at our Walnut Creek Cancer & Surgery Center!

Epic Care CyberKnife is now delivering more — better and faster than ever before! Introducing CyberKnife S7 now available at our Walnut Creek Cancer & Surgery Center. The CyberKnife S7 is the
first technology of its kind, and we are thrilled to offer this advanced treatment option to our patients, close to home and family. The CK7 is even more precise and 95% faster than the previous model. The latest enhancements translate to faster treatment times, a greater chance of protecting healthy tissue, and another reason to see an Epic Care physician first. Call us today for a tour of our facility or to find out if CyberKnife is the right treatment option for you. We look forward to being your partner in health!

COVID-19 Vaccine Update for Epic Care Patients

Dear Epic Care Community,

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on the lives of many, including our patients, their families, friends, and caregivers.

You may be wondering when you will be able to get the COVID-19 vaccine as vaccine production and availability increases. Here’s two accurate and reliable sources you can count on for more information:

  • The Epic Care Website– Regular updates on vaccine planning, and a question and information specific to our cancer patients (or those with a history of cancer), is made available on this dedicated COVID-19 resources page. Be sure to check back often for updates and Click here to read the FAQ provided to our patients, too.

We strongly encourage you to consult your Epic Care physician on the risk and benefits of the COVID vaccine. In the meantime, please continue to follow state and county health orders, wear a mask, social distance, and practice proper hand hygiene.

Thank you for your continued support! We greatly appreciate our Epic Care community and are heartened by the great interest in receiving the vaccine, as it is the most effective way to end the pandemic.

Dr. Carolyn Parma for Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery

For many, scars tell a story, but what if that story is cancer?

Dr. Carolyn Parma, Fellowship Trained Breast Surgeon shares, “One in eight women will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime. With Hidden Scar surgery, our Epic Care patients have even more access to transformative options to make their post-recovery journey easier.”

Hidden scar surgery, paired with our oncoplastic breast surgery techniques and other minimally invasive approaches, provides breast surgery specialists like Dr. Carolyn Parma the tools to effectively treat breast cancer while minimizing the daily emotional reminder of a breast cancer diagnosis.

To learn more about the hidden scar breast surgery technique, or to meet with Dr. Carolyn Parma, please ask a member of our Epic Care team for support or call us directly at (925) 875-1677 to schedule a consult.

We greatly appreciate our Epic Care community and are heartened by our patients desire to seek compassionate and expert care close to home.

We look forward to meeting you!

Gary’s Story

Not too long after Gary’s prostate removal, his PSA numbers began to increase and he made the tough decision to complete 39 radiation treatments.

It was then Gary met Dr. Swamy and shortly after began his 8-week course of radiation treatment at the Epic Care practice in Dublin.

“I felt very comfortable with Dr. Swamy since my initial consult. Dr. Swamy, and the rest of the Epic Care Radiology team, took my hand and helped guide me through treatment.” says Gary. He continued, “Really, it’s the preparation for each session that requires work. In the beginning, when I was just learning and my circumstances weren’t right, Elise and Amanda coached me very kindly and made sure my treatments were safe and effective.”

Now, 8 weeks later, Gary has completed his Radiation treatment and shares,

“Going through this is not easy, add the threat of COVID-19, and I have been especially limited to what I can do. The entire Epic Care team is made up of wonderful people that I looked forward to spending time with. Albeit brief interactions, each visit was such a pleasure. I felt safe, welcomed, and knew they were taking every extra step to keep me and the other patients safe.”

Gary shares, “There are a lot of people who show up each day for treatment with very serious illnesses, yet no matter the circumstance each is greeted by a helpful hand and smiling face when they walk into the Epic Care practice. They truly do a fantastic job!”